Building Certification

Disability Access WA is part of the WA Building Certifiers and Assessors (WABCA) group of company's and is located within their East Victoria Park offices. Disability Access WA's built form town planning focus synergises heavily with the Building Surveying services of WABCA. When a client brings a piece of land or a project to us we are able to view the development from a multitide of perspectives.

The preliminary stages of providing building surveying advice for a client often begins prior to a planning application being lodged. Commercial projects are often flagged prior to issuing planning approval by the Local Shire, requiring a range of building compliance issues to be resolved prior to proceeding any further. These interdisciplinary requirements are easily resolved by working with WABCA's knowledge and consulting with the Local Government to determine if your planning approval may require details of disabled access, fire seperation, waste management plans, stormwater retention, hydrant/booster locations, acoustic reports and a range of other preliminary issues identified by engineering, health and technical services departments.

Please discuss your certification or building surveying requirements with us or have a look at our parent company's website.