What sort of services do access consultants provide?

Access Consultants provide a range of services when accessing the built environment for accessibility. A guide has been produced to the varying levels of analyses possible when assessing existing built environments for accessibility. This can be used to determine the type of services required to meet your particular circumstance.

How big is a disabled toilet?

One of the most common questions we get asked in our office is “how big or what is the size of a disabled toilet”? or more correctly “how big are accessible toilets”? This simple question however is not easily answered due to the number of variables that affect the overall size. The guiding legislation we use when designing an accessible toilet is Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2009 Design for access and mobility – General requirements for access – New building work. In determining the size of an accessible (disabled) toilet we have to consider
  • WC location and required circulation
  • Hand basin and required circulation
  • Door type, location and required circulation.

Why do we need an Evacuation Plan?

Emergency Evacuation is a high priority for ALL people. With the ever increasing likelihood of accidents, fires, flooding and terrorism, emergency evacuation plans need to incorporate all levels of staff abilities.

What is a mobility map?

Mobility Maps are becoming more and more important as the rates of mobility issues increase. Mobility maps are useful for residents, tourists and international guests as they are able to clearly identify where there is accessible paths of travel and facilities. ASN recommends mobility maps where applicable, to ensure that all staff, clients and other users of the facilities are included and to deter anybody from feeling discriminated against

How much does an access audit cost?

Access Audit costs differ according to building size, proximity to our premises and time that the Access Audit takes to complete. Our consultants have an hourly rate of $180+GST which does not include travelling time and expenses, so this also needs to be taken into consideration.

Do accessible toilets have to be reserved exclusively for people with disabilities?

No. There is nothing in the DDA to mandate accessible toilet facilities being exclusively for use by people with disabilities - so long as in high use areas there are sufficient numbers of accessible facilities to give users with disabilities equivalent convenience of access.

Who can a complaint be lodged against?

Complaints could be lodged directly against a local government authority if it is responsible for the footpath. A complaint could also be lodged against the person or organisation directly creating the access barrier.

Does Disability Access WA help find solutions or just certify?

Yes, we work with you through your entire project, to identify issues before they arise and offer solutions and strategic advice to make sure your meet compliance obligations with minimal impact on the design and cost of your project.

Does the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) apply to heritage buildings?

Yes. Registration or claim of heritage value in a building or other items does not create an exemption from the DDA and is not in itself a defence, however, heritage issues can be taken into account in determining whether barriers to access are unreasonable (which is one of the elements required before a finding can be made of indirect discrimination), and can also be taken into account in relation to the defence of unjustifiable hardship where this applies.